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Twix, Hershey, Mr. Goodbar and Peppermint Patty

Watching these critters grow has been a unique experience.  Time goes by so quickly!

It is very important to expose these puppies to all kinds of things, safely and with positive reinforcement.  Unexpected noises, handling, socializing including lots of one on one time with their mom Lana who has been a gentle but stern teacher.

Teaching them what they can play with can't begin soon enough.

It is in this way that we can avoid the behavioral problems that  develop as a result of under socialization and neglect.  Puppies need a lot of time, energy and compassion.  I read too many stories of dogs that get put down as a result of behavioral issues that have gone untreated for too long.  Let us not forget that inviting these animals into our lives comes with responsibility. But all great things take effort.