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Narbark dog parade

Some selected photos from an event that I attended in Narberth.  It was called the Narbark dog parade and was a very curious event.

Although I applaud the support of the local rescue organization ARF SEPA “that rescues dogs and cats from public shelters that otherwise would have been euthanized due to lack of space,”  I found there to be a conspicuous lack of understanding of canine behavior in an event that’s designed to celebrate the species.

It seems testament to the dog’s ability and willingness to tolerate and adjust that we find ourselves outfitting them in tutus and hats.  However, I wonder what this does for people’s expectations for all dogs?  I’m afraid that events like this push dogs that are not as comfortable to the outside, or worse yet force a dog into an uncomfortable position because the human wants to participate.

I’d like to see more reciprocal relationships between dogs and humans.