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Kenzy, my foster dog was adopted!


This is Queen, now known as Kenzy.  I met her April 26th and took her into foster care May 17 because her physical condition was deteriorating at the shelter.  She was having an allergic reaction to something, maybe even stress, and was chewing on her own skin to the point where she was making it raw.  She also displayed pretty stressed behavior while in her kennel, so she was being overlooked by potential adopters that came through the shelter.  When I had her out on May 17, she didn't want to put weight on her hind leg.  So without thinking I filled out a foster application, brought Dooey and Robinson up to meet her and brought her back to Hewson street.

I kept the dogs separated at first giving them all time to adjust to the new arrangement.  I took Kenzy everywhere with her adopt me vest on.  I talked to so many people about her at the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival that I grew tired of my own voice.

I learned pretty quickly that Kenzy struggled with what is called separation anxiety, which meant that I had to juggle a lot to keep her from becoming anxious.  I luckily had many understanding and willing people in my life to help us figure it out (Darla of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, my Hewson Schmewson neighbors).  We worked slowly and as I learned more about Kenzy, I learned how to tweak my strategy to help her most effectively.  But it was very hard and trying on my patience.  I lucked out and identified a couple that fell in love with her and are willing to make it work.    With time I am certain that she will become more at ease and realize that being left alone doesn't mean bad things.  If you've seen any of the videos of her you know why I worked so hard for this dog.

Kenzy has revealed an important life lesson for me.  I am so relieved that we were successful in finding her a good match so quickly.  I miss her but I know that she is one of the lucky ones.

It is an amazing experience to share your life with a dog.  With that gift comes responsibility.  And we all need some help sometimes.  I am still so inspired by how such a little dog could bring so many people together.

Thanks Kenzy!