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Stripes and I

My 8 yr old nephew took this photo of me and my sister’s cat.  I think it’s a great moment capture.

Twix, Hershey, Mr. Goodbar and Peppermint Patty

  • Peppermint Patty
  • Twix
  • Hershey
  • MrGoodbar

Watching these critters grow has been a unique experience.  Time goes by so quickly! It is very important to expose these puppies to all kinds of things, safely and with positive reinforcement.  Unexpected noises, handling, socializing including lots of one on one time with their mom Lana who has been a gentle but stern teacher. …
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Hewson Street Animals: Nora, Dorian & Mona

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Meet Nora (dog) age: 7 years.  She was adopted at 10 months with malnutrition and flea dermatitis from Morris Animal Shelter in Philadelphia.  She now lives with her humans and two cats Dorian Brown (formerly Jake) who is 6 years and was adopted from a PAWS foster home and Mona who is 1 and a …
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