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The shelter dog portraits began after I volunteered at Philadelphia's PSPCA in 2008 and has been an ongoing project ever since.  I find the relationship between human and canine to function as a synthesis of larger topics, such as evolution, behavioral and cognitive science, cross species communication and adaptation.  The shelter dog is of particular interest because of its resilience and innocence, their existence testament to a human capacity for compassion as well as negligence.

Dogs and cats are unfortunately still euthanized due to space and resource restrictions.  32,000 homeless animals arrive at the shelter each year.  I encourage everyone to spay/neuter, adopt, foster or volunteer their time.  It is through community effort and public awareness that we can change the way we share this world with other creatures.

I am also a member of HeartsSpeak.org, an organization who's mission is to unite the individual efforts of animal artists and animal rescues into collective action for social change.


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