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On Friday I was up at ACCT (Animcal Care and Control Team) and noticed that Queen, a dog that had been there since April was showing signs of deteriorating in the kennels.  She was obsessively licking her hocks and causing them to get swollen and bloody.   When I had her out, she didn't want to put weight on one of her paws.

Knowing that she is a sweetheart, I was alarmed and thought that she needed to get out quickly before she totally looses it.  So I have taken on fostering her and trying to find her a good home.  It is a bit of a juggle as I'm keeping my dogs separated, just to keep things less stressful at first.  She has totally consumed my weekend, we were at the Trenton Ave Fest yesterday where she melted many hearts and we've been on walks today with my neighbors and their dogs.  I'm doing all that I can to tell people about her.  She is doing so well in her crate and has had no accidents in the house.  She is learning sit and is just all around a great dog.  She gets keen on squirrels but can be persuaded to forget them with some noise and a reward.

Here are some photos.  She is doing so well, everyone is sleeping quietly here at the moment.  And the birds are chatting up a storm!  I have a ton of work to do, but I am hopeful that Queen will soon find her permanent home.