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August 2013

Hewson Street Animals: Nora, Dorian & Mona

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Meet Nora (dog) age: 7 years.  She was adopted at 10 months with malnutrition and flea dermatitis from Morris Animal Shelter in Philadelphia.  She now lives with her humans and two cats Dorian Brown (formerly Jake) who is 6 years and was adopted from a PAWS foster home and Mona who is 1 and a …
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Hewson Street Animals: Gato

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Meet Gato. This cat was a lot of fun to work with, as was his owner, Jake. Formerly Coconut, Gato was adopted from the PSPCA in Philadelphia.

Becoming a Better Person 101

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  I volunteer on the promotions team for ACCT Philly. I am highlighting some of the special dogs that I met today as it is humbling and inspiring when they still offer their cooperation, despite their stressful situation. Juggling handler and photographer positions isn’t always easy. I have to earn their trust and practice patience, …
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Let’s Go to the Lake!

Today Dooey and I took a trip to Nockamixon State Park with 3 other dogs: Tator, Buddy and Sweets and 2 human friends: Leigh and Hope.  It was a great day spent outdoors, with muddy sneakers, wet socks and spiders included.  Nockamixon is a peaceful setting with a lake where the dogs got to splash …
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Monastery Stables

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If I could fill my time with getting to know all kinds of four legged creatures, I would.  It’s a goal.  Working my way there….. Here are some horses (Dylan, Larry, LB, Fred) and a chatty cat that I met today.  Looking forward to next time at Monastery Stables!  Thanks Rebecca for having me!

Hearts Speak at ACCT Philly

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Today I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful members of a group I belong to called Hearts Speak.  ACCT Philly, the shelter I volunteer with was one of two shelters to receive a comprehensive guide and tools for improving promotional photographs of the shelter’s residents.  Hearts Speak hopes to secure additional funding to bring …
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I was up at ACCT Philly yesterday and met six dogs who had yet to be photographed (there were more but I had limited time).  My interaction with each unique individual dog is directed by sensitivity, close observation of body language, intuition, mutual trust and low pressure.  The more dogs that I meet, the better …
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