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April 2013

ACCT Dogs for adoption

  • A19699445 Queen 2
  • A19699445 Queen
  • A19700616 Officer Daukaus Jr
  • A19686659 Seline 2
  • A19686659 Seline
  • A19708865 Beauty
  • A19732804 Jack
  • A19694364 Dunkin
  • A19700616 Officer Daukaus Jr 2

  Another day up at Animal Care and Control Team Philadelphia.  I met, walked and photographed 6 dogs today, all with different temperaments and all responding differently to being in the shelter.  I encourage everyone to adopt AND/OR to volunteer at the shelter.  It is a powerful experience.  And each time I am amazed and …
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Volunteer work at Animal Control Philadelphia

  • Janet
  • Blaze
  • Janet
  • Blaze
  • Toya
  • Toya
  • Mr Oreo

*Disclaimer I only had my phone so the photos I did get are not great and Magic and Max are not represented with an image.* I have been volunteering my time at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center and now also at Philly’s ACCT Animal Care and Control Team   It had been some time since …
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Elizabeth Gilbert on genius

  Here is a link to a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, on creativity.  I found her perspective refreshing and helpful during those times when frustration and failure knock on your door.  A useful strategy for pursuit of the unpredictable creative condition. http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html  

Fun with Dooey and Robinson over the years….

  • 100_0008 copy
  • 100_0009
  • 100_0019
  • 100_0029
  • 103_0325
  • 103_0341
  • D & R 2006
  • IMG_1486
  • 100_0046

As part of my blogging efforts on colleenrudolf.com, once a week I dig through my hard drives and post interesting photos that have gotten lost in the digital archives.  This week I decided to do that here on PortraitsbyColleen as well, only with photos of my own dogs: Dooey and Robinson.  Here are a select …
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